Rainbow clients cannot make/receive VoIP calls




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    Claire DECHRISTE


    This kind of issue is usually related to PBX configuration.

    I suggest you to double check your PBX configuration using latest version of TC2479 for OXO (TC2462 for OXE).

    If it still does not work, please open a ticket to Rainbow support, as explained here:

    Best regards,
    Claire Dechristé

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  • Miroslav SOBOCIK

    I have the same problem. I wait for any information about it.

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  • Morgan IRWIN

    Both ALE Global support and ALE Rainbow Support tickets have been lodged.

    Both have looked in depth at the issue... still no resolution.

    ALE Global support are having a second look at it now.

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  • Morgan IRWIN

    Check the SIP Trunk licenses, Rainbow won't work without them on R3.1

    On R3.2 the issue is fixed, only the VoIP board is needed, no licenses

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