Emailing of missed messages



  • Brian BIRD

    Hello Chris

    Here is the explanation from the Rainbow Feature Guide:

    When sending a message to a Rainbow user that is offline for at least 15 days, Rainbow offers you to send an email to that user (if this one has authorized to receive emails while offline). To avoid email spam, you cannot send several consecutive messages to this user, a 7-day period is put in place before sending the next message.
    Rainbow user that is offline for a long time will be invited to use the Rainbow app for answering to your message.

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  • Chris DUNKLEY

    Any idea if this will change to be the same as Skype/Teams/Slack who all send emails for any missed conversations?

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  • Brian BIRD

    I haven't seen any information from the team at ALE that this will be changed. You can add it to the Feature Request forum.

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