Audio setting problem



  • Ronald BOECHIE


    I also noticed the problem when the PC is not equipped with a default microphone.
    You must first plug in the "headset" before starting rainbow (working for me).
    btw There is no audio/video option using firefox.

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  • Mauricio CASTELLANOS


    Actually I have my headset all time connected and the problem still present, the difference that I could have is that I have 3 audio output devices (usb docking) so I think this could affect the app.

    I also checked firefox and it doesn't let to change the audio device, 

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  • Joachim Sann

    I also have this issue on 2 completely different computers. It seems to be linked to my Behringer Audio Interface, if Rainbow picks this Interface the Audio settings dialogue is not available. If I then connect a different Audio device like a USB Headset, Rainbow automatically changes to the new Audio device and then the settings menu is available. Maybe Rainbow gets distracted by the options of multichannel devices? The Behringer has 4 input and 4 output channel that can be picked in pairs of two or all 4 (1-2, 3-4, 1-4) and this can be done individually for Input and Output, resulting to 9 different combinations. Other apps typically won't let me choose the device as input/output-device, instead I have to pick input and output independently, which then is listet as a "custom input/output-device".

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  • Markus DOMMNING

    Same Problem here... :(

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