iOS: Login Manager Reconnect



  • Rick LUPPINO

    I have upgraded to SDK version 1.73 and the behaviour is still the same i.e. I can see the message "Login still valid, reconnect" in the console and the kLoginManagerDidLoginSucceeded event is fired instead of kLoginManagerDidReconnect

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  • Vladimir VYSKOCIL

    You're right the login/logout/reconnect process has involved since the documentation and sample codes were written.

    Now the kLoginManagerDidReconnect notification is only sent by the SDK when :

    • the device loose network connectivity and then regain it
    • the app is put into background and after some delay the SDK long running task had terminated the cleanup job, then if the app is put back in foreground

    I updated the Swift sample to demonstrate this behavior in ConversationsTableViewController
    The documentation will be also updated.

    Thank you to point it !


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