Problem with calls



  • Luis ROSALES


    Could you please explain the scenario?
    Is it about the application on the mobile, Desktop or Web? (Windows/MAC)
    What type of call are you referring to (P2P or SIP)?

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  • Mike POTTER

    Also to add a note. We are finding that the call quality is no where near what it was. hanging video, breaks in audio.

    It is almost as if bandwidth is insufficient. Also on Mobile it is consistently showing poor connection with the red bars. This is despite being used on the same network with the same bandwidth as previously.


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  • Ramon Puig Oliva
    We have an Oxo Evolution paired with the Rainbow.
    An incoming call comes in exteran sip on an extension, which the Rainbow has on your windows 10 pc, when it finishes talking by hanging up on the Alcatel 8058 terminal, the call does not hang up on the Rainbow, you have to manually hang it up. This also happens in internal calls between extensions of the oxo Evolution. Always with the software for PCs in windows.
    And we have a client with Oxo connect and the same thing happens to him
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