• Roman BÄCHLI

    Do you mean for Rainbow Room?

    We have a Logitech Rally in the Rainbow Room and a Logitech MeetUp in another. Both have been working fine for months.

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  • Philippe MALADJIAN


    Yes for use in Rainbow Room. Thank you for your feedback.

    If I understood the principle correctly for use in a Room, the Logitech Rally set is not connected to a computer, just to the network and it is recognized as a Rainbow Room device. In this way it is no longer necessary to have a computer connected to a TV with Rainbow installed on it?

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  • Roman BÄCHLI

    No, you've got the wrong idea.
    Rainbow Room runs on a nvida Shied TV Box.
    The camera (in this case a Logitech Rally) is plugged directly into the nvida box via USB.
    In addition, this nvida box is connected to the TV via HDMI and the network.

    Here you see a nice drawing :

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