Choice of device - for incoming call.



  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    Hello Florian,

    This is currently under analysis. As homeworking is becoming much more widely used, this feature is crucial now.

    No guarantee of when it could be implemented, but it's in our radar.

    The goal would be: turn off deskphone ringing when softphony is ON (telephony calls via the computer is selected by the user)

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    Is this now working

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  • Hannes BENKERT

    Same Problem with a lot of our Customers.

    With OTCV App it was Possible to chose on wich device you want to get the calls.

    With Rainbow the Phone in the office is always ringing.

    I do a workaraound at our OXO Customers with Callforwarding to the anydevice Users (Ex. User 27 forwards the phone to the anydevice User 6627).

    But it would be way better if this goes automaticly or like in the OTCV App the user can decide which device is ringing

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