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  • Harald JUNG

    Hi Uwe!

    Planning is Februray 2021, Sprint 83 or 84.

    The Rainbow application supports following CCD actions
    Agent login/logout
    Wrap up / Withdraw from the distribution

    Use cases
    #1 : Rainbow user logs in the CCD and uses his Rainbow device in VoIP mode.
    #2 ; Rainbow user logs in the CCD and select an OXE phone set to manage Voice

    Rainbow Enterprise license

    Rainbow user cannot be both an OXE CCD agent and an OXE telephony user

    When logged out, the user has no telephony services.

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  • Florian METZNER


    this week has been released Sprint 84 and again no CCD actions. What time is it planned, this is important for us and our customer.

    Kind regards,

    Florian Metzner

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  • Carlo BORGER

    Is there any news regarding this feature?
    We are eager to use this in at least one company and when it succeeds we want to use it on more sites.
    One of them a Township sees this as the way to be able to have employees work at homew and still be part of the Customer Contact Centre during this period of Lock Downs.

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  • Richard BREUER

    Due to Covid-19 / working from home the need is considerable. I like to see this feature.

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    Is there already a date when this feature will be implemented?

    Thanks for your feedback

    kind regards


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  • Florian METZNER

    With the new Release of Web Application 2.87.9

    there is a new Feature

    Work as CCD agent on Rainbow.

    OXE users in Early Adopter mode can now work on Rainbow as a CCD agent.


    Will it be planned to integrate this feature in Desktop, MAC and MS Teams Connector / Clients?

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  • Carlo BORGER

    Hello Florian,
    You have this working on this moment?
    As You have to be part of the early adaptor (which I have requested a few hours ago) I cannot see this on the moment.
    Does it work as expected?

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  • Florian METZNER

    Hi Carlo,

    no we ain´t early adaptor and this feature is not working @ any Customer. But we got many customer interessted in this feature.

    Sorry for this misunderstanding.

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