DTMF Sequences associated to a speed dial



  • Jean-Luc BOUSSEL

    Thanks for your comment, but can you elaborate.
    Unfortunatelly your screen shots are diffcult to read.
    We design speed dial for dialing a number to call a new correspondant
    and DTMF for in call MF sequences for example for IVR interaction
    What is the use case you target ?

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  • Olivier VAILLANT


    In North Amrerica, most of the compagnies are using automated attendant for reaching their employees (no DID numbers associated to the employees) 

    Therefore, we have to call the 10 digits of the companies to reatch their automated attendant menu giving you the choice to dial the internal number of the person you want to reach.

    It will be great on Rainbow to have a speed dial number to reach the automated attendant of a company and to have some DTMF sequences (internal numbers of the employees) attached to this speed dial, like this, when you will use this speed dial, Rainbow will propose you only the DTMF sequences attached to this company.

    I hope, this can help you to understand this request :-)



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