React-native initializing the SDK fails



  • Doha Tubaileh
    Hi Soufiane, 
    Thank you for your notes, the Docs are outdated in this part particularly, and we will fix it as soon as we can. 
    In the meanwhile, you can update your code like the following :
    public class MyApp extends Application {
        public void onCreate() {
          //  RainbowPackage.initializeRainbowSdk(this, "applicationId", "applicationSecretKey", host); <= Just remove this line only and the sample app should be working fine
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  • Soufiane Hajmhand

    Hello thank you for your answer,

    Is there also a way to tell which host I want to use, I want to work with the sandbox host ( but I think by default he takes the host.

    I put the appId and secret key for the sandbox host but I see in the asyncStorage that the host by default is

    Should I just set the value in the AsyncStorage? If yes, where?

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  • Doha Tubaileh

    Hello Soufiane,

    You can set the host value when you click 5 times on the following button [please check the attached image], and then you can change the host value from `` to ``.

    And regarding `default always takes the host`, indeed its a bug, we will fix it by the coming new release.

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