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    Christophe IRLES


    Some more details about how to send message with Alternative Content Type.

    About SDK C#: 
    You can use SendAlternativeContentsToConversationId from IM service with alternativeContents as a list of  MessageAlternativeContent object:

    • MessageAlternativeContent.Type: mime type
    • MessageAlternativeContent.Type: the alternative message

    About SDK Node.Js
    You can use sendMessageToConversation with a valid content object:

    • content.type: mime type
    • content.message: the alternative message

    I can't help more about rainbow/json mime type and how it's used in CPaaS client ...

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  • Jean-Luc BOUSSEL

    Rainbow application supports presenting some adaptative cards.
    Sending an adaptative card must be done using CPaas application
    Pelase consult
    Best regards

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  • Ekrem AJDINOVC


    Thank you for the feedback, but it seems that the documentation is poor on this feature with adaptive cards.

    I found only few places where the "adaptive card" is mentioned, but seems like they are the same:

    • In the SDK for Web it's mentioned in the alternativeContentType of Instant message service.
      "[optional] A string matching one of the two values: "text/markdown" (to show markdown) "form/json" (to show adaptive card on Rainbow clients) or 'rainbow/json' (to allow interactions in Rainbow clients)"
    • In the SDK for CSharp there is a function for alternative content SendAlternativeContentsToConversationId, but the link of model is broken. (Leads somewhere to Microsoft website . . .). Anyways I tested with form/json and it worked but not with rainbow/json.
    • The Node.Js does not even mention this possibility...

    I was able to present the adaptive cards from my CPaas client to Rainbow client by using the alternativeContentType form/json, but the rainbow/json is not working.

    What are the possibilities with rainbow/json, and what does it mean "to allow interactions in Rainbow clients"?


    Thank you.

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