Rainbow desktop app with SSO



  • Rico Scholz

    My current version 2.104.10 of Rainbow is using Electron in version "16.2.3_x86" (number is from electron_version file inside the Rainbow folder under Program Files (x86)).

    Electron uses Chromium to run a web application inside a container to have a look and feel like a native application.

    The 16.X version runs Chromium 96 according to the stable release site of the project:

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  • Pascal DE-SMET

    can this be adjusted to MS Edge ?

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  • Rico Scholz

    Of course not, Electron = Chromium. MS Edge is "just" a frontend of the Chromium.

    Only chance is, that Alcatel is updating the Electron to a newer version, that meets your company guideline for Chromium based browsers.

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