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  • Patrik Spisak

    I disabled logs my way because not sure if there is API or not for this.

    In path:

    Pods/Target Support Files/RainbowSDK

    I have created file:


    Inside file I have add

    #ifdef __OBJC__

    #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>



    #if defined(__cplusplus)

    #define FOUNDATION_EXPORT extern "C"


    #define FOUNDATION_EXPORT extern




    #ifndef DEBUG

        #define NSLog(...)


    Inside Xcode, I have selected Pods, Targets: RainbowSDK -> Prefix Header Set To:

    Target Support Files/RainbowSDK/RainbowSDK-prefix.pch

    So if I run app as Release all NSLog are disabled. NSLogs should be disabled in production because they are causing performance issues.

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