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  • iOS | RainbowSDK 2.7.0

    Can you start providing proper changelog when you are doing changes which are not only bugfixes how you mentioned in your changelog? You have change API for CallLogs but you are not worried about t...

  • iOS | API bugs

    App crash sometimes with an error -[PKPushRegistry _terminateAppIfThereAreUnhandledVoIPPushes] Also when phone call is taken with other device than Rainbow, (fix phone for example) call log is mark...

  • iOS | cached contacts

    How do I access cached contacts in SDK? I have seen method startLoadingCaches() but no further explanation. Im trying to implement Siri voice calling but I need to access contacts in Rainbow when a...

  • iOS | Missed calls notification

    I have not found any documentation how to handle missed call notification also with badge. For messages Im receiving push notification and showing badge of unread messages, but for missed calls I h...

  • iOS | Personal contacts

    Which method is for creating own personal contacts?  I have tried serviceManager.contactsManagerService.directoriesManager.createPersonalContact(<#T##updateBlock: (ContactDirectoryBuilder) -> Void#...

  • iOS SDK 2.5.0

    The following have been deleted : -(void) searchRemoteContactsWithPattern:withCompletionHandler: -(void) searchRemoteContactsWithPattern: advancedMode:limitPerCategory:rainbowUsersOnly:searchMode...

  • iOS | Contact

    Which observer calling this to console? [Contact:372] Presence Online for rainbowId: I see this output so many times in console with any interaction of the app and I guess this causeing performance...

  • iOS | API warnings

    Can you fix warnings in your API? Pointer is missing a nullability type specifier (_Nonnull, _Nullable, or _Null_unspecified)

  • iOS | your current phone

    In desktop version in the Telephony settings is possible switching between devices. Is that option available in iOS SDK? 

  • iOS | OXE phone numbers

    How do I retrieve all oxe phone numbers at once? Update I have found this func search(pattern: String) { ServicesManager.sharedInstance()?.contactsManagerService!.searchRemoteContacts(withPatte...