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  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    Undock Chat Window

    it would be good if it would be possible to dock a chat window from Main Windows ( Rainbow Client). So it would be possible to participate in a presentation and do other chat's without switching ba...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    iOS SDK / API, Missing Notifications for WebRTC

    Hello,  I want to build a iOS App for WebRTC Calls. But when i follow the Documentation i have the different Observers. But this are not working.  // Register for Notifications .. [[NSNotification...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER commented,

    Hello Oliver, My app is written with a mix. Rainbow Framework with Objective C and my app Code is in Swift. This is really fully compatible. This is known to me. But there are still some (detours /...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    Swift Framework instead of Objective-C

    Hello, Is it planned to replace the Objective C framework into a pure Swift framework? It would be handy for the Future ;-)  If so, until when ?  If no, why?  Thanks  

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    The Text Entry Field Should Be Larger

    Hello Rainbow Team,  It would be very helpful if there would be a larger and better input field for text input for a conversation. This field is suitable for a 2 line message but not for more. If y...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER commented,

    Hi,  In your documentation on the pagehttps://github.com/Rainbow-CPaaS/Rainbow-Chatbot, isaw that there are several actions in the JSON file Possible. one of those are:  External: For giving the ...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    Description of API of Nodejs Bot


    Hello, I did the first tests with the Rainbow Bot Library. Now I would have to ask if there is an extended documentation / examples for the following Actions:- Message: For sending a message to the...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    Collaborate on Documents

    Is there a Plan to work direct on the same Document in Collaboration, as it like on Google Docs but inside Rainbow? I can create a Bubble and work on Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. with different...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    Topics inside a Bubble

    Idea to a Bubble Conversation. It will be good to have some Topics inside a Bubble. Then I can give an Answer direct to this Topic and I don't have to do a new bubble every time for new Topics with...

  • Raffael RECHBERGER created a post,

    Reply to a Specific Message


    Some Idea or Update to IM and Bubble. It will be good to have the Possibility to Answer direct on a Message. If I'm in a conversation and want answers to an answer from a past IM message, it would ...