Allow all Organizers to Launch a Audio/Video Conference in a Bubble



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    Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hello, everyone!

    This feature is planned and should be available in future releases. You can have more details on this feature in the "Coming Soon" section.

    Stay tuned for our "Production Notes" to be informed about the availability of this new feature!

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  • Peter FREI

    From my point of view, this is a must! It's misleading that in the description it is stated that nominated organizers have the same rights as the organizer ...

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  • Sherif SHALABY

    Totally agree! The Bubble participants who are promoted to Organizers should be able to start the conference too, not only the Bubble owner.

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  • Jan FROM

    Totally agree. This is a must feature to be productive using bubbles

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  • Barry BOOTH

    Definitely, this is a must, to be on a level playing field, with the competitors in the market

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  • Aaron COLE

    Very surprised we can't do this already.

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  • Christophe MUNINGER

    This feature has been delivered in version 1.50 (GAed mid of December) on Web/Desktop apps. Any organizer of a bubble with an Enterprise service plan is now able to start the conference.

    Feature will be also available on mobile apps in Q1 2019.


    Christophe Muninger


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  • Sherif SHALABY

    Thanks to the Product Team for making this feature available. Now, any organizer of a bubble with an Enterprise service plan is able to start the conference. However, it would be perfect if we can also allow the conference to carry on as long as any of the "organizers" is still online. Today, if the conference "initiator" drops off, the entire conference ends and all participants get disconnected even if there were other "organizers" online.

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