Invite a group of participants to a scheduled meeting


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  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    Hello, if your client is using Microsoft Outlook, you should have a look to this post:

    This should be applicable to invite many persons at one time.

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  • Brian BIRD

    I think that is a great idea Harald. It would be quick and easy and all done within Rainbow, without the need to go to Outlook. I do use the Outlook option to schedule group sessions using the Meeting conference. It is also easy to organise group in Outlook.

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  • Harald AMBERGER

    Thank you for the link Jean-Pascal. It's a nice and easy Feature with the Outlook Plugin. It's easy when you use Outlook. But in my case the Customer does not use Outlook.

    For the time we will use a text file with email addresses and copy and paste from this file in the participants invitation window.
    It works, but it is not a fine solution

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