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  • Harald JUNG

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    As of today there is no Linux client planned due to complexity and market demand.
    There is a lot of different behaviours between the thick clients on different operating systems (packaging, screen app/sharing, notifications, click-to-call links, headset management, Microsoft integration, desktop menus, etc)
    Therefore on Linux please use the Browser-Version of Rainbow.

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  • Philippe MALADJIAN

    Hello, thank you for your answer.

    It's a shame not to consider a linux version, because even Microsoft Teams works under Linux (Fedora). For the interface part I noticed that Rainbow uses Qt which works under Linux. For the package part there are either native packages for each distribution (deb, rpm ...) or flatpack which does not depend on the platform on which the program is installed.


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  • André SÄNGER


    any update concerning this request? We´re using Linux Desktops and the rainbow browser client including telephony integration to our Alcatel Oxe for the majority of our home office workers since the rise in demand due to Covid 19, but it still feels like a subpar solution compared to a native client, and unlikely to last as a long-term solution.


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  • Jeroen V

    any news for this?

    We are using linux for all users but with this rainbow web client you can't control/share screen.

    Even microsoft Teams is available on Linux...

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