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  • Andreas HEISE

    Hello Philippe,

    I had the same error message when my file store limit was reached and I tried to upload a file.

    Please check your limit in the files menu in the right bottom corner:



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  • Philippe MALADJIAN


    Thanks for your help.

    I haven't reached the limit yet

    I did other tests but from Linux (Fedora) and from the same account still in web mode with Firefox 80.0.1. I can add files to conversations.

    Back in Windows after emptying the firefox cache, restarting the pc and starting firefox I try again to add a file but I have the same error. I also tried downloading the file I added from Linux and I have the following error

    The problem is really bizarre.

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  • Philippe MALADJIAN

    Hello, I have the problem again to add an excel file to a conversation with a person when I use the web interface.

    My cloud space is not full.

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  • Philippe MALADJIAN

    I did a new test and since Firefox 80 under Fedora I have no problem while under Windows and Firefox 80 or 81 the problem is still present.

    I performed these tests with the same account

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