Bug: Notification of voice message without Message on iOS 15


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  • Mauro CINUS

    Unfortunately I also have the same problem from several customers who use Iphone.
    I really hope that the bug can be fixed.

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  • Bertrand CARRETTE

    Hi, it's the same for us, thanks in advance for the futur fix

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  • Matthew KOEMAN

    Same issue here, 

    latest ios rainbow , latest webrtc 1.77.5 OXE12.4 p81

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  • Marco VAN-DER-EMDE

    I can confirm this issue also with the following versions:

    Rainbow version:

    iOS version : 14.7.1

    iPhone model : iPhone13,1

    OXE & WebRTC are from my point of view not relevant. This is an issue with IOS & Rainbow, only.

    I was unable to reproduce the issue with Android.

    On smaller display iPhones like the iPhone Mini this covers the inbound caller ID completely.

    On larger versions it is still visible.

    The Rainbow Client simply sends a preceeding XML-Header&Body to IOS to display the mentioned Notification/Popup. However all entries for the "voice-message" have a "[NULL]" value.


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