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  • Ketil ROMSTAD hizo un comentario,

    In Rainbow  Contacts you can make 'My lists' , but can only add Rainbow users. I would like to make this kind of list with name and numbers I often calls too. Do you need lisen se for search OXE ph...

  • Ketil ROMSTAD hizo un comentario,

    At our Office we have Alcatel OXO, and I can search members of my company for colleague who not have Rainbow account  so this works.   I have a test account at a Customer site with Alcatel OXE rel ...

  • Ketil ROMSTAD hizo un comentario,

    I can not see how to look up employees who are not Rainbow users to call these from the Rainbow client. You can search Rainbow users from your own company, but do not get those who are not.  

  • Ketil ROMSTAD creó una publicación,

    Search PBX Phonebook from Rainbow Client

    It would be a nice feature to search Alcatel OXO/OXE Phonebook from the client, and call the user.All users in the phonebook regardless of whether they use Rainbow or not.(The Phonebook is synroniz...

  • Ketil ROMSTAD creó una publicación,

    Create a Speed Dial List in Rainbow

    Hi You often call from the Rainbow client (web),and having a short number list would have been a very good service.

  • Ketil ROMSTAD hizo un comentario,

    Hi   The update was installed this morning.   It works from Skype FB Plug-in in the new patch, but we get a popup when we deactivate the forward   (It say in english, Can't change forwarding altern...

  • Ketil ROMSTAD creó una publicación,

    Skype FB plug-in -Forward problem


    We have a couple of sites With Rainbow integration, one OXE rel 12.1 and one OXO Connect.   We use Skype plug-in to customers skype Client, and we can make Rainbow Calls, get phone log, but we cant...