Can't find PBX phone for Rainbow account association in the OXE system



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    Baptiste CANDELIER

    Hello Diogo,

    today we don't have any issue with this on Rainbow side but in the past it could occur, so one point could be to upgrade the latest OXE version to be sure to have the latest Rainbow agent. 

    But as Olivier wrote, if you can't fix the issue with a restart of the Rainbow Agent I would suggest that you open a ticket at OXE support Teams can then first check the OXE configuration and if it is correct, they will forward the ticket to Rainbow support.


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  • Olivier VAILLANT


    I have already got this issue few times but a restart of the "Rainbowagent" has solved it everytime 

    The command : "dhs3_init -R RAINBOWAGENT"  

    It takes 2-3 minutes to get back the telephony working on Rainbow



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  • Diogo LIMA

    Hi Olivier,

    Thanks for the answer.
    I've already restarted the rainbowagent service using this command, but unfortunately it didn't work.
    I already deleted and created a new remote extension and it didn't work either.

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  • Olivier VAILLANT

    Hi Diogo, 

    In that case, the best way is to open a service request with ALE to investigat futher 



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