Looking for a Specific Message in a Bubble or a Conversation



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    Christophe MUNINGER

    Search for a message in your conversations is planned and will be implemented.

    Stay tuned. We'll keep you informed when the feature will be delivered!

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  • Holger VIKTOR

    Would be great to have to possibility to mark the found post as important to find it easy again!

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  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    As we see a huge growth of information exchanged within Rainbow, we absolutely need a search system. I know this is already in our roadmap, or at least considered.

    We could be more ambitious, and implement not only a search, but also a keywords system so we could search also a single keyword or a combination of many.

    For example I would like to find all #SSO and #AD and #xxx

    Many other solutions are doing that way. Seems to be satisfactory.

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  • Rainer SCHILD

    Absolutely needed...

    Should  also include the search for specified documents

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  • Christophe MUNINGER

    For information, this feature has been delivered in version 1.39, released beg. of April 2018.

    Best Regards,

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