All Rainbow users company visible at the start-up



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    Christophe MUNINGER


    This is interesting the first time when you are creating an account. Goal is to suggest colleagues that are part of your company. However, it is up to the user to invite or not them in his roster. You cannot automatically invite all members of a company, think about large companies (users do not want to have the whole company in their contact network).



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  • Ruben SIEGRIST


    Maybe this post could be merged with this one:

    I agree that probably in large companies this feature shouldn't be used.

    (but in small ones, like mine, would be great!)

    And I also reinforce your comments to suggest current logged user to include more members (as new company members added by company ADMIN, company members joining same bubbles but not included yet in contact list, etc).

    Maybe to avoid complaints in a "mass contact inclusion" (basically large companies), a midterm solution could be just a single alert (pop-up), before user acceptance, that THE WHOLE users from the company will be added to his contact list...


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  • Christophe MUNINGER

    Correct Ruben, there are many posts in this forum that are talking more or less about the same subject.

    We must find the right compromise and consider the "static" (you join Rainbow) and "dynamic" (new members are joining) aspects of such function. For a company with less than e.g. 50 people (to be defined), idea is to suggest all members of this company. For large companies, we should suggest the right people to the user, based on a simple algorithm (e.g. people from the department you are working with, people the most active, etc).
    For the "dynamic" part, i.e. when new company members are joining Rainbow, an event shall be sent to the user saying that new members have joined.



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