Filter the Search Result in Rainbow to Display Only my Company Members



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    Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hello everyone,

    A new filtering system is now available for the search bar. A user can specify whether they are looking for colleagues, a message or a Rainbow Company.

    Feel free to contact us if you need more details!

    Here is an overview of this new feature:

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  • Dany JENNEVÉ

    It could be a setting at the Company level. Or it could also be a limited intra-company search by default and require a end user additional click to do an "advanced search" to see the public world.

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  • Christophe MUNINGER


    Actually, we want to add more capabilities in the future for the search engine. Your request can be handled with search modifiers, i.e. filtering capabilities. E.g. search for people in my company only, search via attribute, search limited to a conversation, etc.

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    I have a request from a customer (350 users) when using search to see the own employees first then other connected users second and everyone else third, is this possible ?
    Ie if searching fro John only the Johns in this company will be displayed then other Johns connect to this user after.

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  • Rodolphe GOUDIN

    I have the same suggestion (search filtering to get only the company's contacts).

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