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    Christophe IRLES

    I suppose you have specified a bad host name.
    Use "" or "" for example.

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  • Christophe IRLES

    Use ""

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  • Integraciones

    I'm currently using "" because it was the one I received in the email with the credentials. Anyway, I tried the three you posted and with all of them I'm getting the same different error ("User / password are incorrect - you have to set correct credentials. Check also if APP_ID / APP_SECRET_KEY / HOST_NAME are correct.") to the one I got before.

    Thanks for the answer.


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  • Christophe IRLES

    Please ensure to read this documentation: 

    HOST_NAME to use in any SDK must not start by "web" or "web-".
    For example, to use web client you need this URL: "". But for SDK you need ""

    APP_ID / APP_SECRET_KEY are unique for each HOST_NAME. So you must create, on the developer web site, an application for each HOST_NAME

    Account are also unique by HOST_NAME. If you have already a valid account (login+pwd) on "", you have to create it on other HOST_NAME

    Hope this help

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