OXO integration wish list for Rainbow


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  • Bernhard NOWAK

    These are all CTI features!

    For whatever reason ALE is not interested in CTI features for Rainbow at the moment.

    Personally I don’t understand this decision - but to be honest I gave up on that.

    I inform customers about Pros and Cons – and missing CTI Features is on Con side.

    I’d love to see a kind of “expert” mode – where customer can choose between an easy interface without a bunch of additional CTI buttons (like it is now) and an option for Power users to add CTI features a la carte – e.g. set supervision feature.



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  • Sam BOYD

    I agree I think these features are quite key to winning business when it comes to call management and ease of use. This is in regards to both Nick and Bernhard's suggestions.

    Finger crossed we see some of these implemented in the future.


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  • Nick NANOS

    Hey Bernard, I just read the post you started 3 years ago and the comments provided, I agree with everything said. This is my opinion, I think ALE is focused on competing features comparable to Zoom and MS Teams. Don't get me wrong I like what ALE has done and the new UI is going in the right places. I hope ALE don't forget their core strengths which is telephony.  Clients still want a list of telephony features and not just on traditional handsets or IP soft clients. They want this on their UC application like Rainbow. I hope we can get the conversation started again, get a few votes out in Rainbow land and maybe ALE will take some interest. This is not criticism, I've been involved in the ALE products for 20 years, I love it so much. Just want them to be successful.

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  • Bernhard NOWAK

    This is especially sad because nearly every projects nowadays is about MS Teams integration – boosted thanks to the pandemic :-(

    Instead of doing an integration (which has always drawbacks) we could offer a real replacement with additional CTI features MS Teams simply cannot deliver by promoting Rainbow.

    Maybe Dany Jenneve is reading this. Would love to get his feedback on this.

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  • Nick NANOS

    Couple examples on how I had to do a work around as Rainbow doesn't meet customers full expectations.

    Customer 1, who has an OXO, during the covid period, their receptionist were in lockdown from their homes. They answer on behave to close to 50 odd business. The OXO is configured with 50 virtual extns immediately diverting to the Attendant group. It allows the Receptionists to answer the calls on behalf of their clients by seeing the business names.

    In the Rainbow scenario the business name is not pushed to the Rainbow app (they are using enterprise licenses for clarification). To overcome this I had to use Pimphony basic software for name display and Rainbow for call control. 2 applications running, it works but not a nice neat integration.

    Customer 2, who also has an OXO and ACD licenses. To be able to log in to the ACD Groups on their desktops I had to provide them with Agent Assist software to compliment with Rainbow. Another situation which is not a neat integration.

    Both Solutions work for these respective clients, but its not the ideal way I want to brand Rainbow, you want a UC platform that smoothly integrates into their voice platforms OXO/OXE.

    If ALE don't invest in this type of integrations the OXO/OXE futures will be uncertain.

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