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  • Brian BIRD

    Hi Alan - Thanks for posting some possible feature enhancements for Rainbow. A few of what you have requested are already possible:

     - Possibility of being able to react to a message in a Bubble - hover your cursor over the message you want to react to, click on the three dots and select Reply. This allows you to reply directly to a specific message in a Bubble, including emojis.

    -Possibility to export the conversation to another format such as text, eg PDF. If you click on the three dots in the top right corner of a Bubble you can select - Send Conversation by Email which will send the entire Bubble conversation to your email address as a .txt attachment.

    In regards to your request to modify all of your messages and not only the last one - the reasoning behind only allowing you to edit the last message as it is not uncommon for people to make a mistake and message the wrong person when you have many different chats open.....ALE wanted to offer the opportunity to correct that, but at the same time acknowledge that Instant Messaging is now a form of business communication that requires some form of recording the conversation. Allowing people to go back into the conversation and simply change something they had said earlier would diminish accuracy of the record of the conversation. 

    In regards to the possibility to see who has read the messages - this seems to be a very popular request and I certainly support that request as well.

    All the best!

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    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your quickly return.

    - We understand this possibility of responding to a message.
    My request concerns rather the possibility of being able to put a vote on a comment of a person (for example, we are 10 people in a bubble, a person puts a comment, and the other people want to react on this one, of the same way that a vote for example, or the "likes" or others on Facebook. If each person makes "Reply" to the comment, it becomes illegible.
    Do you see what I mean?

    - We have seen this possibility in text, but would it be possible to also add the export in PDF in addition?

    - My request does not concern the fact of deleting messages in a conversation, but to be able to edit it to correct spelling errors that we would see after the fact, by rereading after having sent several messages. If possible, that would be interesting.

    Have a good day !


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