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    I could make a function on Android that returns IRainbowContact information based on a given login email address, but it requires the value RainbowContact.loginEmail to be remained. Any specific reason to deprecate the value in the newer versions?


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  • Olivier ANGUENOT

    Hi Hiro,

    Yes loginEmail has been marked as deprecated because in a near future we want to remote that property from any users except the logged-in user. This change will affect all SDK and the REST API.

    LoginEmail is a sensitive data that should not be shared.

    I encourage you to rely on the Rainbow user Id which is the public user unique identifier. The Rainbow JID (or jid_im) is the secondary user public identifier that can be used if needed.



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    Hello Olivier, thank you for the information.

    Is the Rainbow user id (contact ID) known by each Rainbow user?

    The reason I'm using the login email is because it is a mandatory and unique member of IRainbowContact per Rainbow user.

    This application has to set a target Rainbow contact that the app needs to establish a Rainbow conversation with.

    Other members, e.g., mainEmailAddresses, firstEmailAddresses can be null and not necessary to be unique among all Rainbow users.

    I know the contact ID is unique among all Rainbow users, but not sure if it can be used by users.



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