in NODE - RED make a release call of the active call


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  • Vincent BERDER


    I do not understand what does not work (the release, or the result in the payload), but i had developped nodes for Telephony for the node red contrib a few years ago.

    You can find it there :

    You should have a look on it, and find the way i used it.

    Sources are in the folder ale-rainbow .

    Note that there is an exemple.


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  • Philippe ROCHETTE

    hello Vincent 

    thanks a lot for your feedback

    I'm going to go to see yours sources 

    and I will try again 

    I make you a feedback faster 


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  • Philippe ROCHETTE

    Hello Vincent

    bon ben 

    I don't understand why my script don't work :-(

    I'm in the last release of SDK Rainbow (June of 2022) 

    I'm in the release 2.2.2 of

    and the contrib ALE Rainbow is in the last version too 

    but no action le call is not released :-(

    NOTA : I forgot to tell you, I use the node Rainbow Function of the Node-red Contrib

    In my var appelid I have the 


    in my var appel I have the Data object of the activeCall 


    0: object
    status: object
    id: "20535"
    conversationId: null
    connectionId: "20535#2413"
    type: object
    isVm: false
    contact: object
    remoteMedia: 0
    localMedia: 0
    isEscalated: false
    startDate: null
    isInitiator: false
    participants: null
    isRemoteVideoMuted: false
    isConference: false
    avatars: array[0]
    currentCalled: object
    deviceType: "SECONDARY"
    deviceState: "LCI_CONNECTED"
    cause: "NETWORKSIGNAL"
    jid: ""
    phoneNumber: "000671587710"
    globalCallId: "a9e5b66237500100"
    correlatorData: undefined
    vm: false

    really I'm lost 


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