I am an Alcatel-Lucent expert since 2001. I have worked for Alcatel-Lucent as a trainer for 9 years and after in technical support for 3 years. After I have decided to live in Canada and to work for a business partner SSP-Telecom and now I am working for the STM (Société de transport de Montréal) I am an OXE expert and mostly about SIP

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  • Export not seen

    Bonjour, When I do an export of the Rainbow users, I have no notification. I see the export at the bottom if I download another file  Could you fix it?   Merci   Olivier 

  • Progammable keys

    Bonjour,   It will be great to add some programmable keys to access some functionalities on the OXE side On the desktop client, the implementation could be like this :   On the cell phone, somethi...

  • Upgrade issue

    Bonjour,    Anyone has the same issue?     Thanks   Olivier

  • Administrators

    Bonjour,   On the user’s profile, we can see the names of the administrators; it will be great to have a way to disable this "visibility" for all the administrators     Is it plan to get a common ...

  • Different interface for guest in a bubble

    Bonjour,   It will be great to have a different interface when a guest in invited in a Bubble.He can see all the different icons on the left, he will not use it, and he can be confused with them. M...

  • Search bar on bubble

    Bonjour,    I found a little bug for the search bar When you are on a bubble you can show or hide the search bar if you click on the top left (three verticals points) You can use also “Crtl + F”, s...

  • New Interface

    Bonjour I really like the new interface and features Here some suggestions to improve, for my point of view, Rainbow Permissions Now, it is possible to give permissions to a user, no bubbles, no...

  • Indication when "Do not ring my mobile phone" is enabled

    Bonjour,  When the “Do not ring my mobile phone” is enabled there is no indication on the icon showing the active routing Could you add another icon or indication on the existing one? Merci Olivier

  • Mute microphone from the windows client

    Bonjour,   One thing will be useful, it's to get the mute key on the windows client (or web client) when you are in conversion on your Desk phone to mute the call easly      Merci  Olivier

  • Outlook plugin on free version

    Bonjour,  One of the big challenge for Rainbow is to compete with Skype for Business, because on the "free" version of skype there is everything given by the basic version of Rainbow, except for th...