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  • Allow Blind Transfer on Android Application


    When receiving a phonecall on the Android Rainbow Application we can transfer the call to another phonenumber or user. To make the transfer the destination have to answer the call. Could you implem...

  • Rainbow Mobile Local Contacts

    Hi,within Rainbow Mobile App (iPhone / Android) you can search contacts and this will include local contacts on the phone. It would be great if there's also an option to list all local contacts wit...

  • Receive Phone calls when starting the Mobile Phone

    Hi, when you restart the phone the Rainbow Application works automatically on the background for IM Notifications.  When you receive a phone call the Rainbow Application won't popup. This only happ...

  • Add a Dial Pad to Make Phone Call from Mobile Applications


    Hi, Within the latest updates it's possible to make phonecalls from the Rainbow Android Application through the PBX. It's possible to enter a number in the search field and hit the audio call butto...

  • DTMF Send from Android


    Hi, in the android rainbow app you are able to make a phone call through the PBX. You can select a contact or enter a number to dial. This works fine. Now we are dialing an IVR and we have to make ...

  • IOS Rainbow in background


    Hi,   Rainbow can run in the background on IOS when you press the home button. In IOS there's also the possibility to kill the apps on the background (press twice on the home button and do a upper ...

  • Citrix Support for the Rainbow Application


    Hi, In the feature list and also support confirms citrix is not support for the rainbow application. Could you consider this request and make Rainbow supported for Citrix?  Thanks. 

  • Password validation

    It would be nice and secure to introduce a password validation. This means every 3 months the user have to change their password to a new one. 

  • Msi-Installer for Rainbow


    From customers we are getting the question if there's a msi-installer for Rainbow. We can use converters, but it would be better and nicer if Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provide one.