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  • Quentin Grabenstaetter

    Hello Holger,

    For the moment, the reverse search in the call log is available with the following directories (respecting this order):

    • Rainbow Directory
    • Azure Active Directory (Your Company has to be sync. with Azure Services).
    • PBX Phone Book (Your Company has to be linked to a PBX).

    Reverse search can be based on Outlook contact for Rainbow Users using Desktop application (You have to activate the Outlook Add-In). 

    Do you have another use case?

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  • Holger VIKTOR

    Hi Quentin,

    which fields from Outlook contacts are searched?

    Christophe told me that we only search personal phonebook not public ones, correct?

    An open search (LDAP, ODBC, Phonebook DVD...) would be nice but as I understand, we have to develop external connectors for that...?



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  • Peter HAUDAN

    Hello Quentin,

    we often use LDAP services (eg. with ESTOS Meta Directory or XPhone) for merging of various databases and so make it possible to find contact with a single LDAP request.
    Here   I found the description that a caller could be identified when he/she is stored in a LDAP directory.
    So my question: is this already possible or an upcoming feature or do we need any API to realize this?

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  • Peter HAUDAN

    Hello Quentin,
    do you have news for us or meanwhile a solution?


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    To identify a new customer call, our clients must install third party applications like ESTOS or C4B enabling search through a national public phone book like e.g. . Having a Rainbow plugin enabling search, pop-up and field export (e.g vcard) from public data sources is an often-requested CTI feature.

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  • Andreas HEISE

    Hi René,

    you can try to give the number to an external application like...



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