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    Adnen Rafrafi

    Hello Bernard,

    Regarding your issues let's split them in 3 parts:

    1. How does the number need to be stored in Outlook?
              In your own outlook app, you can go directly to the contact section (found 
              at the bottom left, right next to calendar icon).
              You can fill all the necessary fields directly there.

    2. Which parameters in OXE need to be configured?
              It's supposed to work without any particular configuration

    3. Anything in Rainbow to consider?
              Yes, regarding the number identification mentioned earlier.
              Please take in consideration that with Rainbow you have the possibility
              to configure the numbering rules.
              You will find more details directly in the following article: 


    I hope that it helped and If you need any further information, do not hesitate to let me know.


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  • Bernhard NOWAK


    R&D came up with an setting in OXE (Aplications / CSTA).

    You have to set "Calling Party Name only" to "YES".

    Posted it because maybe somebody else has the same problem.

    It is now working as expected. Thanks Luis Rosales.



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