Display all the Members of my Company in a New Sub Tab

Não planejada


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    Louise QUINTRAND

    Hello Mikail,
    This feature is not in the roadmap because users will get suggestions of the members of his company in the search bar.

    Thanks for your suggestion 

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  • Alexander SEREDA

    This feature will be a clear differentiator of Rainbow as an Enterprise communication tool, not a personal IM like WhatsApp etc.

    My vote is YES.

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  • Christof HORN

    Thumbs up from me too. However, as Berni stated, there are companies who would refuse this feature while others fervently ask for it. So it must be an option

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  • Berni OTT

    OK for the tab. Presence is a question of privacy, so it is not the administrator to decide who can see my presence.

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  • Mikail YARDIMCI

    Yes of course but there are different customers some of them want this privacy feature and some not. So there should be configuration ability for both, i agree with you, very good hint.

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  • Markus RICK

    I think this is a most helpfully feature and denys any contactquestions to company admins

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  • Jan FROM

    One vote from me. Tab very useful.

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