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  • Luis ROSALES

    Hello Christophe,

    I have tried to reproduce the issue (Andrid 8.0 and Rainbow app 1.51), through WebRTC Gateway and also with P2P calls, and is working correctly.
    Is this reproduced systematically in your mobile?




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  • Claire DECHRISTE


    I guess the request here is that in VoIP mode, there are no missed calls notified on the screen of the phone. The user has to open the app to check the list in the call log.

    Could missed calls be displayed in the notification area, as for IM messages?

    Feel free to vote and comment this post so that it gets a better visibility :)

    Note that by changing the routing profile to "Other Phone" = "Work or Personal Mobile", the missed calls will be notified as standard gsm calls.

    Claire Dechristé



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    I totally vote this up. Of course the missed call should be displayed in the notification area, as for IM messages. Nobody would end up to know that what happen unless they have to open the rainbow apps and it becomes so frustrating to missed the missed calls.

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