csharp sdk Telephony sample login remain in connecting status



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  • Christophe IRLES


    I just check the Telephony sample on my side without any trouble

    Double check to ensure you have specified correctly APP_ID, APP_SECRET_KEY and a valid HOSTNAME. Since you are blocked on the "connecting" step, it's generally due to an error on these data.

    If the login/pwd are incorrect, you have a specif error. "invalid login/pwd"

    Now if you are sure of all of this are correct, list all Nuget packages versions you use and provide me the list ( name + version). I will check if you are using them with the correct version. Since one the sample is working on your side you can first compare on your side.


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  • Flavio DOSSENA

    Thank you for your suggestion. In fact in the Telephony project I had updated the references of the nuget components. I reset the original references and the login works. Surely there is something in the nuget references dll that is not compatible.

    Thank you and good day.


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  • Christophe IRLES

    Good to see you have found the source of the pb !

    Have a nice day,


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