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  • Le-Trong-Nghia HUYNH

    Hello Patrik

    I have checked on the public API and you are right, this part is not documented. I will add in the documentation.

    For quick help to update these fields, you need to call the method updateUserWithFields with specific fields :

    let updatedFields = [
        "professional_mobilephone": "0123456789",
        "personal_landphone": "0123456789",
        "personal_mobilephone" : "0123456789"

    ServicesManager.sharedInstance().contactsManagerService.updateUser(withFields: updatedFields) { error in
        // Completion handler

    Note that you also have following fields to update the visibility of these fields :

    • "professional_mobilephone_visible"
    • "personal_landphone_visible"
    • "personal_mobilephone_visible"

    Example to make them all visible :

    let updatedFields = [
        "professional_mobilephone_visible": 1,
        "personal_landphone_visible": 1,
        "personal_mobilephone_visible" : 1


    For the telephony part.

    "Use my mobile phone for business call" : phone number is mandatory and used only if the VoIP is NOT enabled

    NB : It's also for "VoIP business calls" (the second parameter).

    To enable the first setting (and set the VoIP setting) :

    ServicesManager.sharedInstance()?.telephonyService.nomadicLogin(withPhone: "0123456789", withVoIP: false, withCompletionBlock: { error in


    To disable the first setting :

    ServicesManager.sharedInstance()?.telephonyService.nomadicLogout(completionBlock: { error in


    For the VoIP, just call login again with "false" value

    And for the last setting :

    ServicesManager.sharedInstance().myUser.updateIgnoreTelephonyCallsIfDnd(true, completionBlock: nil)

    Sorry for the delay to answer, hope it helps.


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  • Patrik Spisak

    Thanks for an answer. I guess that telephonyService can be used only when is connected to PBX right? Because right now Im getting nil from TelephonyService class. 

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  • Le-Trong-Nghia HUYNH

    Hello Patrik,

    Yes you need to be connected to a telephony system. If you don't see these settings in Rainbow UCaaS, it probably means you aren't.


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