iOS SDK 2.5.0


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  • Le-Trong-Nghia HUYNH


    Sorry the method `fetchContactsWithPattern` is on the property `searchManager` of the contactsManagerService

    let criteria = ContactsSearchCriteria() // Setup the criteria depending on what you need
    ServicesManager.sharedInstance().contactsManagerService.searchManager.fetchContacts(withPattern: "", criteria: criteria, limit: 0, offset: 0) { contacts in
    // Do something with the list of Contact

    We don't have a full list of changes.

    The method `sendReplacementMessage` has been replaced by `modifyOrDeleteMessage`. Sorry this one is not listed here.


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  • Patrik Spisak

    Im getting this error

    Thread 1: "-[CXProvider setConfiguration:]: parameter 'configuration' cannot be nil"

    when application is starting. I have just update all deprecated method so probably there is some change which was not mentioned in changelog..


    2022-12-06 15:39:31.516091+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [RTCService:310] start : iPhone has 2 activated SIM-cards

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.516129+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [RTCService:312] start : load ice-servers from cache

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.516472+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [RTCService:324] initialize CallKit CXCallController and CXProvider

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.516497+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107482] [RTCService:756] Found 0 ice-servers in cache

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.516727+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107482] [RTCService:758] readIceServersFromCache : no ice server found in cache, request them to the server

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.516952+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107482] [RTCService:909] fetchIceServers : get ice-servers list from server

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518208+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [RTCService:341] CallKit initialized : cxProvider '0x282042000'

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518356+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [TelephonyService:42] starting service 0x107014bb0...

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518464+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [CallLogsService:42] starting service 0x28201e500...

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518503+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [ConversationsManagerService:42] starting service 0x280221810...

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518617+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [RoomsService:42] starting service 0x2807250e0...

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518772+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [ConferencesManagerService:42] starting service 0x280921c00...

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.518886+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107484] [ChannelsService:42] starting service 0x281e3c770...

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.519584+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107482] [HTTP] [GET] [SENT] (correlatorId: 6D1877FD48)

    2022-12-06 15:39:31.646911+0100 DholRainbow[6526:2107284] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[CXProvider setConfiguration:]: parameter 'configuration' cannot be nil'

    *** First throw call stack:

    (0x1b4849e48 0x1ada138d8 0x1b4939c38 0x1d195761c 0x107379e34 0x104be2814 0x104be19f8 0x1b83142c8 0x1b8307a24 0x1b6d7ac54 0x1b6d7a378 0x1b6d79354 0x1b6d78fcc 0x1b6dc37f0 0x1b6dc2848 0x1b6dc24d0 0x1b83db368 0x1b833c39c 0x1b8325750 0x104b918b4 0x1d30d8960)

    libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

    *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[CXProvider setConfiguration:]: parameter 'configuration' cannot be nil'

    terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException


    I was able to track down where crash occures:

    ServicesManager.sharedInstance().rtcService.startCallKit(withIncomingSoundName: incomingSound , iconTemplate: iconTemplate)
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  • Le-Trong-Nghia HUYNH

    Please provide full logs

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