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  • Rainbow blocked after poor signal crash

    Morning all, I use android and when a RB call fails due to poor network connection then caller is marked as on use and cannot be re- called unless a long wait or phone restarted. Closing app only d...

  • Dead Fish

    I have the general impression that the community is not large and the interaction is not great as well as ALE monitoring and responses to posts is not very active. I hope I am wrong.

  • Android

    It is now 5 or 6 days since release of 1.79 and android is neither updated on my phone or available in Playstore. Still 1.78.3??????????

  • Roadmap

    When will we have a road-map available so we can see the likely impact of any update? Seeing it after release is kind of difficult to handle with clients.

  • Company Statistics

    The company statistics have disappeared. This is particularly useful to monitor usage as well as clients usage.  

  • Android client

    My PC has updated to the new Rainbow. However not so on my Android phone and Play store is still showing version 1.72.4 is the latest available. Any ideas?

  • Bubbles - certain bubbles are missing data/history and with permanent loading circle

    Since upodate last night this now occurs on certain bubbles. It appears to be random as some are also OK

  • Not good

    Service has been out for hours now and status shows maintenance  

  • PDF preview

    When a photo is sent clicking on it allows opening to view without saving to ones laptop or PC. With a PDF or word document one is forced to download it prior to viewing. This takes time and allows...

  • Video display

    Currently maximum video display is 4 plus the organiser. When will this increase? I believe Zoom can display 40 plus, Teams will now be 12. With the Rainbow rooms and large screen display then a gr...