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  • Company Contacts

    I'm quite sure that I was able to see the names of the company members somehow... How can I show all actual company members to add them to my contacts? Do I really need to know all the names to add...

  • Set an Individual Message as Status


    I would like to have more status options than => Online, Away and busy... Would be great if I can set my individual status message that everybody can see... like "on vacation until 02.01.2019". Als...

  • Add a Search Bar or Folders in "Files" Space


    Actually its great to share files via Rainbow. But on the Files Section I'm missing the option to search for file names as well as the possibility to arange the send and/or received files in own fo...

  • Screen Sharing -> Replace video boxes


    During Screen Sharing sometimes the video boxes are disturbing on the fixed positions top left and top right corner... so would be great if you can move the video boxes to the places where you woul...

  • Task Planer

    Hi there, it would be great if Rainbow will also work as Task Planer for Teams... It would be great if you can also implement, that bubbles will work as a taskplaner for a group... so it should be ...

  • Drag & Drop E-Mails, Documents,etc


    Hi there, I am missing to share email messages (outlook) with attachments into conversations. Also to share documents should be easier and faster with drag & drop the files directly into the conver...