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  • Rainbow Notification for iPAD

    Dear Anybody My customer using iPAD for working outside of visiting patients at home.They use iPAD OS 14.3 with Rainbow 1.82(Enterprise). In these recent days, they encountered the following proble...

  • Open an Excel file directly from chat and bubble

    What I should do in order to open the excel file directly from the chat and bubble display? Currently PDF and picture can but Excel or Office file cannot.  If we do have a excel app on iPAD or smar...

  • Delete and Invite a member

    Hi A company is operating as a Closed company. When admin has tried to invite an outside person via email to join the company, system is saying the person is already have relation to the company, a...

  • managing Rainbow stored data and files.

    Dear All Are there any way to set the data deleted automatically with certain period of time such as 1 week?Do we have a plan?Or can we build it with CPASS? Hirai

  • Unistalling RB from Windows10

    A customer trying to uninstall RB from Windows10, but could not complete it, saying RB is running. Please let me know how he can uninstall the RB.

  • Bubble Co Organizer

    Are there any way to set the Co organizer via iPAD instead of setting it by PC? Or are there any way to change default setting of right of bubble organizer to all? Our customer always work with 4-5...

  • Visibility of a organization


    Please advice either following cases are available and how to do it for creating visibility of a RB company. Let's say there are A,B,and C organization in one company.and A organization wants to ma...