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  • Daniel SIMIONI criou uma publicação,

    Hotkey for hangup the call

    Hello For ending a active call it would be very helpful if there is also a hotkey function. Feedback from customers they used ESTOS Procall before. Best regards  Daniel  

  • Daniel SIMIONI criou uma publicação,

    Company Acttivities are missing

    Hello With the new skin, under my company --> Dashboard --> Activities the curve diagram under Company statistics is no more visible. Regards Daniel

  • Daniel SIMIONI comentou,

    modification must be done in Settings File C:\Users\local.user\AppData\Roaming\Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise\Rainbow {"outlookPresent": true,"useOutlookAddIn": true,"autoStart": true,"language": "de","...

  • Daniel SIMIONI comentou,

    Hello Same problem to start the external application microCRM. checked the rainbow setup log C:\Users\DANIEL~1.SIM\AppData\Local\Temp\is-V1JGF.tmp\rainbow.ini does not exist: not restored the folde...

  • Daniel SIMIONI comentou,

    Hi Noel, great ! If i have the Docs an App i will start. Regards Daniel  

  • Daniel SIMIONI criou uma publicação,

    thingy 52

    hello everyone try to use thingy 52 with rainbow, nordic app installed, connection works fine, registered the device in rainbow bot thingy, cannot see the state of my device, also the the parameter...

  • Daniel SIMIONI criou uma publicação,

    Rainbow Customer Care News Feeds

    Hello, how can we activate news feeds for customer care informations. it`s not possible to activate them again after unfollow this news feeds. It`s not possible to find the customer care news feeds...

  • Daniel SIMIONI criou uma publicação,

    Mass Provisioning and German Umlaut in Names


    Hello Community, If we try to import users with template we cannot import users, if names preresent for example names like Müller or Hüsler. Import of the template failed. We have to change in Muel...

  • Daniel SIMIONI comentou,

    We started the PoC for a large system. All what i can say is till now, that the customer told me " it`s exactly what we expect ! " 5 Stars also.

  • Daniel SIMIONI criou uma publicação,

    webRTC HA Configuration

    Hello community How is the configuration process for high availability ? I cannot find any documentation. Can we add a new webRTC gateway for an extsting webRTC Gateway without changing the existin...