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  • Message Retrieve Problem WPF?

    I folks,    I developed a desktop-based Application. When Application runs automatically login. whenever I get message 2nd message onwards. every time the application opened any other people sent m...

  • Message does not sent


    Hi folks,    I am using c# to develop a desktop application. when I sent a message to a new user I got "No conversation found with this contact Id ..." error. What can I do?

  • message sent Issue


    Hi, folks,    I need to sent messages to one person to another person. first time so I sent to the invitation that time I got  "User Email is already visible by logged in user, do not send invitati...

  • The request timed-out in Rainbow callback in c#


    Hi folks,  I am getting "the request timed-out"  Issue in Rainbow callback functions how fix this? i am using c#.