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  • Demande de mot de passe à la mise à jour / Update password request

    Bonjour, sur la version desktop chaque mise à jour de l'application demande le mot de passe Windows de l'utilisateur et non de l'administrateur puisque l'application est installé dans le profil de ...

  • Fiabilité de la solution Rainbow / Reliability of the Rainbow solution

    Fiabilité de la solution Rainbow Nous avons souscris à l'offre Rainbow au mois de mars 2020. A cette période j'ai eu des choix techniques et fonctionnelles à faire mais je devais surtout trouver en...

  • Open a site

    Hello, In a future version is it planned to be able to integrate a site. For example, the user of a connected company could open a site (intranet, extranet, GED ...) directly in Rainbow without hav...

  • Note taking

    Hello, several users ask me for the possibility of taking notes and sharing them with other members of our company. Is this planned?

  • Where are the moderators and support?

    Hello, When I subscribed to the Rainbow solution, it was also because the forum was active and I felt that there was an Alcatel team to manage the forum. But for several weeks moderation no longer ...

  • Reconnect after update

    Hello, When an update is done it happens that the user is disconnected after installation and unfortunately some do not think to reconnect. Would it be possible for Rainbow to reconnect automatical...

  • Call redirection when leaving

    Hello, When an employee leaves the company, it could be interesting to set up either a system for redirecting messages and calls to another employee or a message informing his contacts that it is n...

  • Offline consultation

    Hello, In the "near" future are there any plans to be able to access Rainbow offline? For example, from a phone I could launch the app without necessarily having internet access so that I can consu...

  • Not Allowed to upload file

    Hello, Since this morning in a conversation with a contact I try to add an attachement from my computer but I have the error : "An error has occurred (Not Allowed)" I am using Rainbow in web mode f...

  • Logitech certification

    Hello, is the Rainbow solution planned to be certified for Logitech Collaboration products? Especially the Rally range?