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  • F6 shortcut

    Hey ! Since I have this new Rainbow, the F6 shortcut gets in the way of my Visual Studio installation. I regurarily use the F6 shortcut to compile my programs, and when Rainbow is launched, it supe...

  • Pinned message

    Hello :) It could be nice to have the ability to pin messages. Those messages would be accessible from a button in the header, near the "Show/Hide informations of the bubble"

  • Display name format in Desktop notification

    Hello ! The app allows us to display contact as "First Name, Last Name" or "Last name, First Name". But the notification doesn't use this setting when someone got pinged, it always use the latter

  • Have Markdown in the chat

    Hello :) It would be nice to have Markdown in the chats available, to put some highlight inside a text, or as a developper, to have syntax coloration when we paste code into the chat :)

  • Notification sound settings

    Hello :) On my current configuration, I have an USB headset connected to my computer. But my motherboard's soundcard have two ouputs : "Speakers" and "Digital Output". I must change the setting bac...

  • Add quick-command access

    Hello ! It would be nice to have some "slash commands" available, as there is in Mattermost or Discord. For example : "/away" => set your status to away "/busy" => set your status to budy "/shrug [...

  • Notifications sent on all devices

    Hello :) Currently, when we get a notification, all connected devices gets it, even when we're currently using another one (for instance : I'm on my computer, and each message received creates a no...

  • Being able to edit all messages

    Hello :) Currently, only the latest sent message can be edited. It could be nice to be able to edit all message that we sent (maybe only in a timeframe like the last day or so)

  • Emojis suggestion

    Hello ! When we are typing a message, it could be good to have a small popup appearing that could propose the emojis with the text looking like what we are typing. For example, when I start typing ...