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  • Rainbow Community Guidelines

    WHAT’S RAINBOW COMMUNITY? Do you know how to maximize your Rainbow Experience? Join the Rainbow Community!By getting together and joining resources, Rainbow Community members learn what to do and h...

  • Emoticons are not Displayed When I'm Writing an Instant Message

    Não planejada

    When I add an emoticon to my message, I have to send him to display the picture.Before the messages submission, emoticons are display with the format ":)" or ":slight_smile:" Rainbow should transla...

  • Looking for a Specific Message in a Bubble or a Conversation


    I would like a way to looking for specific words in all my bulles or conversations. For instance: I just remember keywords of a conversation. I don't remember when I spoke about that or who were th...

  • Rainbow Community Best Practises

    HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RAINBOW COMMUNITY? You want to participate in the Rainbow Community, and you aim to do it well. How to be the most helpful member? Being a member of a community sounds sim...