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  • DNS turn-eu1 e tunr-eu2 not working

    Help, the resolution of the two turn servers "turn-eu1.openrainbow.com and turn-eu2.openrainbow.com" are not working from Italy    

  • Upgrade webrtc-gateway-1.75.5-302

    Hi, today I upgraded an existing rainbow VM from the latest  1.74 to 1.75. The oxe doesn't register more. I can see the option to the VM  but there is no response. I deployed a new vm and it works ...

  • WebRTC - My GSM number


    Hi, I'm testing the WebRTC function and the app is amazing!I have to suggest an implementation that could solve an issue.My GSM provider is TIM but I come from another provider so I made a number p...

  • Hide pubblic contacts

    Hi, I think that in the some case could be usefull to automatic filter the contacts to hide all the public entry.If I can choose that my company has to be private why I I have to see al the contact...

  • Regular expression

    Hi, I'm going mad to create a regular expression that remove any space between the digits and add a 0 at the beginning of the string Thank you very much

  • Plugin Rainbow-Skype for business

    Hi, I'm making an installation in a customer with a lot of different S4B clients. In two PC, when the customer answer the phone ( GAP Handset), S4D doesn't switch the state to "busy". If I login WE...