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  • Included calender for "do not disturb"

    Settings in the menu where I can set that I am absent from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. and calls are forwarded directly to VoiceMail or to a selectable number.  

  • Transfer a call to other device

    Use a smartphone as an "audio/video device". Start a call (Rainbow or PBX) via PC and use another device, e.g. smartphone with the same Rainbow account as an "audio/video device".

  • Telefonkonferenz / Telefoneconference

    We have the option for "add-on Conference" in our OXE. When raibow ist connected to the OXE (remote extension) it would be nice we could use this feature as well, not only "Conference of 3".Kind re...

  • Guest interface

    Hello,since Web Application 2.87.9 we have a new guest interface. When a guest is invited to a Bubble, you can not see this until he is logged in or a account is created.Therfore you can not see "w...

  • Play a tone whenPush to Talk is triggered


    Hello, thank you for the feature Push to Talk! There is only one problem.I selected "space" as shortcut. Every time i hit "space" while writing a message in a chat i hear the tone which is enabled ...

  • Automatische Anzeige von "Letzte Unterhaltung"

    Wenn man z. B. ein Telefongespräch führt und das Gespräch beendet wurde, wechselt der Desktop Client automatisch in die Ansicht "Letzte Unterhaltung" und zeigt den letzten Chat an. Wenn also währen...

  • Raise hand in conference

    Hello, we miss the feature "raise hand" when you are in a conference as you may know it from Teams, Zoom etc.Please implement this! Kind regardsStephan

  • Automatische Nutzung von "dark mode"

    Der "dark mode" kann beim iPhone automatisch aktiviert und deaktiviert werden. Das Design anderer Apps stellt sich dann automatisch um. Da es bei der Rainbow App den "dark mode" gibt, wäre es schön...

  • New smileys (male) needed

    Is it planed to have same Smileys at the desktop as on the smartphone?

  • Add favorites

    Would be cool, to add favorites the way you can do this with OpenTouch.We have the OXE connection and want to see who calls...