Show connection status of PBX systems



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    Laurent ALLSPACH

    Soon a equipement dashboard will be available for the BP Admins to have a global view of all the managed PBXes. Stay tuned !

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  • Jean-Pascal SAIDE

    Hello Andreas,

    For the time being, there is no indicator within the admin portal for PBX connection status, at any time.

    However, any Rainbow user of a connected PBX can see 3 clues that alerts about a broken connection (whether temporary or permanent). An admin being also a Rainbow user, this is fully applicable.


    1. On top left, in the "search / call" zone, the little dialpad icon disappear:


    2. On top right, the phone icon is different.


    3. In the "about Rainbow" information, the telephony agent version cannot be displayed (screenshot below is normal status):

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